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NASAA backs FINRA proposal to incentivize payment of arb awards, offers improvements

By John M. Jascob, J.D., LL.M. NASAA has offered support for a FINRA proposal that would use FINRA’s Membership Application Program to incentivize the timely payment of arbitration awards. NASAA believes that the proposed rule amendments represent a positive step … Continue reading

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The Circumstances and Standards Under Which One Spouse Can Receive a Monetary Payment as Part of a Divorce in Maryland

Distributing marital property can be one of the most complex elements of any divorce, especially one in which minor children are not involved. Sometimes, in order to achieve a genuinely equitable outcome, it may be necessary for a trial judge … Continue reading

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Quicken Loans: Cut Your Mortgage Payment by 50%*

Have you seen the commercials on TV for mortgage loans where you can get a $150,000 loan for only $450 a month (rather than the usual $1000)? [Watch commercial] The ad is for Quicken Loans’ “Secure Advantage” loan. Among the … Continue reading

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Two new proposals address alternative payment models for patients in Palliative Care.

The 11-member Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee(PTAC) established by MACRA to consider whether models submitted by stakeholders qualify as Medicare alternative payment models voted to move forward on proposals for two alternative payment models for review by the HHS secretary. … Continue reading

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Kevin Soter on Causation in Reverse Payment Antitrust Claims

Readers of this blog are likely familiar with the Supreme Court's 2013 FTC v. Actavis decision, which concluded that certain "reverse payment" pharmaceutical patent litigation settlements could violate the antitrust laws and that "it is normally not necessary to litigate … Continue reading

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