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2 Ways to Establish Paternity in Ohio

In the state of Ohio, a child born to an unmarried mother does not have a legal father. This can be problematic for many men because not having legal paternity established means that the mother has all the decision-making power … Continue reading

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New Ruling by Florida Supreme Court Gives A Remedy For Biological Fathers in Paternity Cases

In Simmonds v. Perkins, No. SC17-1963 (Fla. 2018), the Florida Supreme Court decided to take up the question of whether a biological father is entitled to rebut the common law presumption that the mother’s husband is the legal father of … Continue reading

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Fifth Third Bank Offers Paternity Leave

From Fox 17 Morning News: Giving fathers paid time off after the birth of a child is becoming more common but, while it comes with great benefits for the family, some dads may hesitate to take advantage of it. A… … Continue reading

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How can you Establish Legal Paternity and Rights and Obligations thereof in Houston?

Michael Busby One of the ranging debates in and out of courts is how best the legislation can enshrine the legal rights of a man proved to be the blood relation of a child. A lot of lawsuits have been … Continue reading

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Missouri Supreme Court Case: Dissolution of marriage involving non-biological child should be adjudicated with a separate paternity action; Third party custody appropriate when biological parents are unfit.

Recent Decision from the Missouri Supreme Court: Overview: A mother appeals a circuit court’s judgment awarding third-party custody of a child to her stepfather in the mother and stepfather’s proceeding to dissolve their marriage. In a decision written by Judge … Continue reading

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