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Inventors Can Challenge their Own Patents – But Only at the PTAB

by Dennis Crouch The traditional rule of assignor estoppel prevents prior owners of a patent from later challenging the validity of the patent.  The doctrine stems from old property law cases and is based upon the idea is that the … Continue reading

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Aman Gebru: Compelling Disclosure of Traditional Knowledge in Patents

Aman Gebru, visiting assistant professor at Cardozo Law, has a new article forthcoming in Denver Law Review about patenting traditional knowledge. Aman is on the teaching market this year in the patents and intellectual property field, but his research and … Continue reading

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AIPPI Congress Report 1: Standard essential patents – maximizing value before enforcement

This year's AIPPI Congress is in Cancun, Mexico.  Yes, try explaining this location to your colleagues and clients.  But although the waters are crystal blue and the sand warm and soft, most attendees are spending their days in windowless conference … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Worker Cages and Some Reminders on the Publicity and Value of Patents

Amazon’s patent (U.S. Patent No. 9,280,157) for a “System and Method for Transporting Personnel Within an Active Workspace” has been in the news recently. The invention is described as a device for keeping human workers safe in an automated (i.e., … Continue reading

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Acorda Therapeutics: Other Patents Covering Invention Precludes Reliance on Secondary Indicia of NonObviousness

by Dennis Crouch Acorda Therapeutics v. Roxane Labs (Fed. Cir. 2018) In a 50+ page majority opinion, the Federal Circuit has affirmed a district court obviousness judgment.  Judge Taranto penned the majority opinion and was joined by Judge Dyk. Judge … Continue reading

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