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Jury Bias and Motorcyclists: Getting Past the Daredevil Stigma 

An accident is traumatizing, especially if you were on a motorcycle. No matter who’s fault it is— you’re lucky to be alive after colliding with another vehicle. A motorcycle is smaller, more dangerous, and more difficult to balance. Unfortunately, many … Continue reading

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Seattle officials stating they will retroactively vacate past misdemeanor marijuana-possession convictions

As highlighted by a number of posts linked below, the notion of expunging past marijuana convictions following legalization has quickly become a mainstream part of the reform movement. The latest notable development on this front comes from Seattle where, as … Continue reading

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What happened in patent law in the past year?

Last Thursday I gave a 25-min recap patent law update to judges and practitioners at the Northern District Practice Program Patent Law Symposium, and I thought blog readers might be interested in my recap of highlights from the past year:Patent … Continue reading

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Another good review of growing movement to eliminate past convictions with modern marijuana reforms

This Washington Post piece, headlined "Cities, states work to clear marijuana convictions, calling it a states' rights issue," provides another useful account of the ever-growing movement to undue past marijuana convictions in conjunction with modern marijuana reforms. Here are excerpts: … Continue reading

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Getting Past Spectre and Meltdown: A Practical Guide

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. This alert provides a simple overview of what these vulnerabilities are, what systems could be affected, as well as steps that companies can take to reduce … Continue reading

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