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DeBarbieri on Property Planning and Participation

Edward W. DeBarbieri (Albany) has posted Urban Anticipatory Governance (Florida State University Law Review) on SSRN. Here's the abstract: Legal scholars who study cities and urban governance discuss participation in a number of ways, and at various moments in the… … Continue reading

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CRS Report: Congressional Participation in Litigation: Article III and Legislative Standing

From the summary of Congressional Participation in Litigation: Article III and Legislative Standing (R45636, Mar. 26, 2019): Houses, committees, and Members of Congress periodically seek to initiate or participate in litigation to, among other purposes, advance their legislative objectives, argue … Continue reading

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Like, Comment, Vote: Social Media’s Influence on Political Participation

By: Treja Jones With the average American spending 116 minutes per day scrolling through social media (which amounts to over 5 years of social media use over a lifetime), social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have expanded … Continue reading

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Public participation in South African law-making process is essential

South Africa is a participatory democracy and where legislation is passed without facilitating public participation, especially by those members of the public most affected, the law is invalid. The Veterinary Association was successful in having the word ‘veterinarian’ severed from … Continue reading

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First International Agreement on Migration Lacks US Participation

Diana Orces on Immigration Impact reports on an important international agreement on migration: "For the first time, countries across the world recognized the importance of coordinated action to address the growing challenges of managing migration. On Monday, more than 160… … Continue reading

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