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Preparing Your Client for Deposition- Part 13

Before her deposition, your client should understand the legal underpinnings of her case. You should explain to her what is needed for her to win the case and what the other side needs for them to win their case. Go … Continue reading

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Simplifying a Michigan License Appeal and Understanding DAAD Rule 13 – Part 1

As part of my Driver's License Restoration Practice, I have tried, within the License Restoration section of this blog, to explain every aspect and facet of the License Appeal process. Many of those articles examine the varying degrees of complexity … Continue reading

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Tangled Web, Part II: Taymor and Spiderman Go to Arbitration

Six months ago, we reported on the departure of Tony Award winning director and MacArthur Foundation certified genius, Julie Taymor, from the trainwreck that is drawing full houses of rubber-neckers, Spiderman: Turn off the Dark. Back then, we noted that… … Continue reading

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Bennding Bankruptcy Exemptions (Part II)

In the previous installment, we discussed the 8th Circuit's Benn decision which began a sea change in Missouri bankruptcy exemptions. To see how Benn's unusual opinion created uncertainty in Missouri bankruptcies, one need look no further than our state teacher … Continue reading

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Driving Privileges, Part II

The law in Ohio provides for limited driving privileges when you are under a suspension for a DUI. You are eligible for privileges after any statutory "hard" suspension time has run.Once eligible, you can get privileges for the following reasons: … Continue reading

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