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Bankruptcy Basics (Part I) The Different Types of Bankruptcy Cases

The main goal of any bankruptcy case is getting a discharge of a large amount of debt. Getting a debt discharged means that the debtor is no longer obligated to repay the debt. Credit card debt and medical debt are … Continue reading

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Is the Inability to Perform the Required Duties of the Job Just Cause for a Public Employee’s Discharge? It Depends. (PART I)

In November 2017, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania issued an opinion concerning an arbitrator’s reinstatement of a state correctional officer (“CO”). The CO was responsible for monitoring inmates who worked on the prison’s loading dock. As far back as 2015, … Continue reading

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Divorce Recovery Tips: Part 2

Tip #6 – Exercise boosts your mood. Go for a jog or bike ride when you feel overwhelmed. Exercise isn’t just for getting in shape – it also can help you to regulate your mood better. When you exercise, your brain … Continue reading

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This Sceptered Isle – Part MMXVIII

Britain’s NHS is seeking to charge co-pays for certain patients.  Up to now, NHS has always claimed to be “free” for everyone . . . Free at the point of service, anyway. (I suggest you read the entire linked article. … Continue reading

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Sharia Law and the Mortgage Interest Deduction (Part I)

Today’s blog post was written with the assistance of Daniel S. Eckenrode.  Daniel received his JD and LLM in Taxation from Villanova University School of Law. He is avidly learning about US- Middle Eastern international taxation. Daniel’s interest in this … Continue reading

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