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CPS Parent Resource Guide Part 7: Removal

The removal phase is one where there start to become an increasing number of legal protections in place. The most important thing in this phase is to be careful not to consent to things that you do not mean to, … Continue reading

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If it is an Interior Part for an Aircraft, then Producing it as a Replacement Part Probably Requires a PMA

I recently received an email from someone who wanted to know if carpet requires a PMA to produce it for installation in an aircraft.  This is a more complicated question than a simple “yes” or “no.” U.S. legal standards identify … Continue reading

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A Family Theft – Part 2

                In last week’s post I told you about Joe’s problem.  He needed to apply for Medicaid for his sister, Sophie.  His sister, Mary, however, had told him that she took some of Sophie’s money and spent it herself.  He … Continue reading

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What “Never” to Negotiate in Franchise Agreements – Part 3

The Fox Rothschild associate team of Megan Center and Alex Radus recently gave a presentation at the International Franchise Expo in New York City on the “Top Ten Provisions to ‘Never’ Negotiate in a Franchise Agreement”. A summary of this … Continue reading

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Businesses Have Good Alternatives to Status Quo In Legal Services — Recent Moves by The Big 4 (Part 2 of 3)

To summarize some of the positive alternatives that the Big 4 accounting firms offer U.S. business owners and executives in legal services, I’ve chosen the writings of a trusted guide — Lucy Endel Bassli. In these writings she’s described how … Continue reading

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