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A Quick Guide to Religious Divorce: Part 1

For many couples, divorce is both a legal and a religious matter. Faith can guide whether or not couples get divorced in the first place — and how divorce proceedings ultimately play out. In our blog series on religious divorce, … Continue reading

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Dress the Part

Today’s rainmaking recommendation from Jaimie Field is an interesting one, and she and I chatted about it yesterday – it’s one where we don’t totally agree, so readers of Zen, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! My … Continue reading

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The science of piracy, the piracy of science. Who are the science pirates and where do they come from: Part 2

Balázs BodóPart 1 of this post explained the background to the development of shadow libraries and their growth in recent years. This post will analyse the nature of the works downloaded and discuss the implications of shadow libraries for the … Continue reading

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Make diversity part of your bar group’s future plans—it’s essential!

As bar leaders, lawyers can successfully integrate diversity into your bar, into your leadership, and into your future plans for your organization. Today, I’m happy to talk about how you as bar leaders can successfully integrate diversity into your bar, … Continue reading

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Part 10: Communist Party and Asamblea Nacional–Popular Representation in the Shadow of Democratic Centralism in Cuban Socialist Democracy 1.0 (Caribbean Marxism's Socialist Democracy Series, Considering the Cuban Constitutional Project, From Communist Party to Popular Plebiscite)

(Graphic from the Inventario website HERE)In this post and those that follow we will begin to flesh out what we see as the great challenges of democracy in illiberal states, and the methods undertaken by the Caribbean (Cuban) form of … Continue reading

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