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When Domestic Abuse Affects Children | Family Court Strategies for Parents, Lawyers, Judges & Others

When domestic abuse and children are involved, divorce and custody can be the epitome of high-stakes conflict and frustration and all too frequently protective parents lose custody of their child to a named abuser. Domestic Abuse, Child Custody, and Visitation … Continue reading

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In Guatemala, a Tireless Search for Parents Separated From Their Children

Working with the ACLU, human rights defenders look for missing parents in villages and remote regions of the country. When Lesly Tayes, a Guatemala City-based tax lawyer, first saw images of children locked in cages inside immigration detention facilities near … Continue reading

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New Jersey Appellate Division Addresses Adoption Act in Dispute Between Biological and Adoptive Parents

As an attorney who practices family law, I can attest to how painful battles for custody over children are when couples separate.   Even more painful are disputes between adoptive and biological parents fighting over custody of a baby.   Among the … Continue reading

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Matthew Rheingold responds to NJ.com query, “My parents won’t give me copies of their wills. What should I do?”

Matthew S. Rheingold quoted. As seen in NJMoneyHelp.com/NJ.com, August 29, 2018 Q. My parents say I’m the executor of their wills, but they refuse to give me a copy. I don’t want to be nosy but I’m worried about what happens … Continue reading

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Filing Lawsuits Against Minors and Their Parents in Texas

In some accident cases, a personal injury claim may be brought against a minor who is claimed to have been at fault. Such cases can be complicated, and the laws concerning the liability of minors vary from state to state. … Continue reading

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