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Divorced Parents Must Put Children First

Is Shared Parenting Harmful To Children Of Divorced Parents? Preschool children from divorced parents did better psychologically if they lived in shared parenting environments compared with kids living primarily with one parent, according to recently published research in Acta Paediatrica. … Continue reading

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Common Mistakes for Parents to Avoid on College Financial Aid Applications

The beginning of every new year also begins "financial aid season" for those parents whose children will attend college in the fall.  Considering how expensive colleges have become and the amount of financial aid that can be gained (or lost) … Continue reading

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The 100 Deadliest Days:  Advice for Parents of Teen Drivers

We are about to enter the Deadliest Days for teen drivers.  The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the most dangerous and deadly for teen drivers.  Throughout the year, teen drivers ages 16 to 17 are three times … Continue reading

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Do Adult Children Have a Duty to Support Their Parents?

Most people wouldn’t think twice before helping their parents financially. In fact, partially due to baby boomers’ inadequate retirement planning, 20 percent of surveyed millennials provide financial support to their parents. As Buck Wargo explains in his blog post, most … Continue reading

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13-Year-Old Boy Regains Consciousness After Parents Sign Papers to Donate His Organs

Trenton McKinley’s parents faced a difficult decision when the doctors told them their 13-year-old son would never be the same mentally after severe brain damage. The boy had suffered seven skull fractures two months prior in a small trailer accident…. … Continue reading

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