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Albany Episcopal Bishop Defies Parent Body On Same-Sex Marriage Rites

In July, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church passed Resolution B012 Marriage Rites for the Whole Church, which was designed to give local congregational access to all couples wishing to have a same-sex marriage ceremony.  The Resolution stated in part:[I]n dioceses where … Continue reading

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Parent Violated Arizona Order of Protection with Domestic Violence By Video Chat

In 2015, the Arizona court entered an order of protection preventing contact and threats or acts of domestic violence by defendant-parent against the custodial parent. Before that order expired, the victim petitioned for a 2016 ex parte order of protection. … Continue reading

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Income Earned by Child Taxed to Parent

If a minor child earns income, is the income taxable to the parent or the child?  There have been quite a few tax disputes involving this question.  The Ray v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2018-160 court case provides an opportunity to consider … Continue reading

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The Kids Are Alright: Tips for the Divorced Parent to get through the New School Year

As the line from one of my favorite White Stripes songs goes, “Fall is Here, Hear the Yell, Back to School, Ring the Bell…” I know when the new school year has arrived in my house because the boys are getting the last … Continue reading

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Parent Writes Book About Driver Safety After Child’s Death

For teens, getting their driver’s license is a fun and exciting time that generally means more freedom and more responsibility. For parents, it generally means more anxiety and stress and a bigger insurance premium. For teens, there are dangers that … Continue reading

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