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I like pain. It feels so good when it stops

The economy is good. Incomes are up, unemployment is down, the future looks promising. Many are beginning to realize how bad things had been. When you feel good, it’s easy to take it for granted. It’s only when you don’t … Continue reading

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Pain and Suffering in Personal Injury Cases

You may have scars from a serious accident that other people can’t see. In a personal injury case, these damages may be referred to as pain and suffering, and they are an important part of your claim for damages. First, … Continue reading

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Essure Birth Control Device: A History of Pain, Injuries, Lawsuits

Bayer’s Essure birth control device is coming off the market, thanks to a public campaign aimed at raising awareness about its dangers. After years of silence, in which women were told that their pain wasn’t real, and years of incident … Continue reading

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How to Negotiate Pain and Suffering in a Car Accident Claim

When negotiating a car accident claim, you should be prepared and confident. When it comes to pain and suffering damages, the negotiations tend to be even tougher. You need to convince the adjuster to compensate you adequately for pain and … Continue reading

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LegalTech By The Numbers: In-House Lawyers Share Wants, Needs And Pain Points

Above the Law: “Since Xakia launched the Legal Operations Health Check, in-house counsel on five continents have completed the online assessment. Two months later, their responses provide a quantitative look at the real state of legal operations in departments of all … Continue reading

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