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Unless you have filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and had non-exempt assets trustee sells and uses to pay creditors, you may never have wondered about this question. Why would you? I mean you have a life and you don’t worry … Continue reading

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DOL Opinion Letter Addresses Whether Employees Must Be Paid for Wellness Activities

Over the past fifteen years, wellness programs have generated more than their fair share of litigation and regulatory scrutiny – primarily over the issue of whether they comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  A related compliance issue that has … Continue reading

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Owner of Drug Rehab Facility Who Paid For Some Patients' Initial Health Insurance Payments and Waived CoPays and Deductibles Charged With Insurance Fraud by Riverside County District Attorney

There are times when health care facilities may contribute to paying a patients' insurance. For example, a patient who is hospitalized for some time where it is documented properly and financial need exists and it is disclosed.However, can a health … Continue reading

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Elder penalized for wages paid to family caregiver, due to insufficient evidence

When a person applies for Medicaid to pay for home care or nursing home care, a penalty will be imposed if assets were given away during the preceding five year “look-back” period. There are numerous regulations in federal and state … Continue reading

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Paid, Fall 2018 ACBA sponsored Diversity Internships, Apply by August 6th

ANNOUNCING…. In the years since the program’s inception, hundreds of law students have received paid internship opportunities at law firms …Continue reading → Read more detail on Recent Law Student posts –

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