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State Farm Insurance Claim Process and Outcomes

State Farm Insurance is at the forefront of using computerized claims processing to reduce the value of claims paid out to accident victims. Allstate pioneered the use of a computer program known as Colossus to drive downward settlement offers submitted … Continue reading

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Demand Spillovers and Market Outcomes in the Mutual Fund Industry

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol Alessandro Gavazza (NYU Stern School) analyzes Demand Spillovers and Market Outcomes in the Mutual Fund Industry. ABSTRACT: When consumers concentrate their purchases at a single firm, a firm that offers more products than its rivals… … Continue reading

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Reward good decision processes more than outcomes, which are often influenced strongly by factors other than the person who decides

Rewarding or penalizing inside attorneys based on outcomes of legal matters overestimates how much of the random variability of the world the attorneys actually control. A din of "noise" clutters what happens out there, which means that good managers can… … Continue reading

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Executive Outcomes: Albidon, Mount Gibson, Amec, Territory, Admiralty, Mundo, Qgm, Korab and More

NICKEL producer Albidon announced yesterday that Dale Rogers’ contract as managing director has expired and, by mutual agreement, would not be extended. Rogers has also resigned as a director of the company. Directors Alasdair Cooke and Paul Chapman have been … Continue reading

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Final Outcomes Report of the WHOIS Working Group

Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Intellectual Property

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