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MEDICAL MISTAKES KILL FAR MORE PEOPLE THAN GUNS: ‘Bleed Out’ Shows How Medical Errors Can Have Life…

MEDICAL MISTAKES KILL FAR MORE PEOPLE THAN GUNS: ‘Bleed Out’ Shows How Medical Errors Can Have Life-Changing Consequences. Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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America looks for new legal ways keep migrants out. Will the migrants care?

What an amazing story for Thanksgiving, the missionary killed by a bow and arrow on the Indian island, North Sentinel, in the Andaman Sea, by a hunter-gatherer society untouched by outside culture because India is enforcing the USS Enterprise’s primary … Continue reading

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When “try out” time needs to be paid under California law

When hiring an employee, employers need to be mindful that any tests of the employee’s skills during the hiring process does not cross the line to become actual work that the applicant must be paid for.  Employers sometimes will ask … Continue reading

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Got IP? Get out. For investors thinking of selling, acting in the next few days is critical.

As of the date of this publication, the US House of Representatives and the Senate have passed the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" as reconciled by the conference committee. Now that the President has signed the Republican tax bill into … Continue reading

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China Fashion. One Day You're In… And One Day You're Out.

I live in a house with three fashion-conscious females, which means a fairly steady TV diet of Project Runway and Fashion Police (both of which I really like), Say Yes to the Dress (which I hate) and What Not to … Continue reading

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