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How Long Does Divorce Take In Oregon?

We call it the “divorce process” for good reason. You may be ready to end your marriage right this minute, but it’s a journey, one that takes time. How much time, however, varies. No two marriages are identical, thus no … Continue reading

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There are Better Ways to Raise Revenue in Oregon Than a Gross Receipts Tax

This week, Oregon’s Legislative Revenue Office (LRO) provided economic projections to the Joint Committee on Student Success Subcommittee on Revenue to assess the impact of a proposed gross receipts tax on Oregon’s economy. The committee is interested in raising about … Continue reading

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Oregon Death with Dignity Act – Year 21 Report of 2018 Data

The Oregon Health Authority has released its 21st annual report on the Death with Dignity Act, reporting 2018 data. In 2018, 249 people received prescriptions under the DWDA. That compares to 219 during 2017. Fewer than 2/3 of those who got … Continue reading

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Oregon May Soon Tighten its Wine Law for Wines Produced or Bottled in Other States

A bill was introduced to the Oregon Senate last week which proposes to amend several sections of the Oregon Revised Statutes, namely ORS 471.445 and ORS 471.446. The Senate Bill, SB 111-1, proposes significants changes to the Oregon Revised Statutes with respect to … Continue reading

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Oregon Senators introduce Bills to Counter Foreign Embassies and Consulates Helping Nationals Flee U.S. Justice

On January 25, 2019, Oregon’s Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden introduced two bills that would impose significant consequences on foreign consulates that help their citizens escape legal accountability within the U.S. Merkley and Wyden’s legislation follows investigative reporting by … Continue reading

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