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Appropriate a Book of Business, Capital or Ordinary Gain?

If an investment advisor is terminated by the bank he works for and the bank keeps the advisors book of business, is the bank compensating the investment advisor for the sale of his book of business or is it paying … Continue reading

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Person (Having) Ordinary Skill in the Art

by Dennis Crouch One ongoing debate among patent attorneys is the proper abbreviation of the statutory phrases “person having ordinary skill in the art,” 35 U.S.C. 103, and “person skilled in the art,” 35 U.S.C. 112(a). I prefer PHOSITA (Person … Continue reading

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Litigation Award for Damage to Dairy Farm Ordinary Not Capital

If a dairy farmer receives an award for damages to the farm, is the damage award capital or ordinary?  The distinction is important.  Unlike ordinary income, capital gains are generally afforded lower tax rates and not subject to self-employment taxes.  The … Continue reading

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Takeaway from Recent Decision on Florida Attorney Extraordinary Attorney Fees For Ordinary Administrative Work in an Estate [Florida]

In this case, the Personal Representative sought fees for serving as both PR and attorney for the estate – while not totally clear from the opinion, it appears the PR sought those fees using the presumptively correct fee Florida statutory … Continue reading

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Indiana: Equal Footing Doctrine Means Public Owns Up To The Ordinary High Water Mark

In our experience, rationality often takes a second chair when delving into the question of who may own various parts of beaches. It's certainly true in our home jurisdiction, where any claims to private rights anywhere near a beach can … Continue reading

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