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Federal Judge Orders Separated Migrant Children to be Reunited with Families

On Tuesday, June 26, a federal judge in San Diego issued a preliminary nationwide injunction ordering Trump administration officials to reunite separated migrant children with their parents within 30 days. The injunction was the result of a class action suit … Continue reading

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AIA Statutes Can Impact Patent Reexamination Orders

325(d) Compliments SNQ Standard The popularity of AIA trial proceedings at the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) has caused a corresponding nosedive in patent reexamination filings. Not surprisingly, when faced with a high-value patent dispute, patent challengers greatly prefer … Continue reading

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“Where’s My Order?” Apparently, Merrill Lynch Customers Had No Idea: Merrill Lynch Agrees to Pay $42 Million Settlement For Allegedly Re-Rerouting Customer Orders To Electronic Platforms And Creating False Reports

The SEC settlement indicates that Merrill Lynch sent millions of dollars in customer orders to other broker-dealers for execution while purposely concealing their activity as part of their so-called “masking.” practice. For five years, Merrill Lynch had routed some orders … Continue reading

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Site Blocking, The Sequel: After Telling Courts They Can Issue De-Indexing or Blocking Orders, Movie Industry Calls for More in Copyright Act

Representatives of the motion picture association appeared before the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology this week as part of the copyright review and called on the government to ensure the law permits site blocking and search result de-indexing … Continue reading

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Ninth Circuit Throws Out Tax Protestors Conviction, Orders New Trial

The Ninth Circuit yesterday issued a decision granting a new trial on criminal charges against Lawrence Cohen, whom the opinion describes as an “acolyte” of “well-known recidivist tax protestor Irwin Schiff.” From Howard Bashman: The basis for the ruling is… … Continue reading

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