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Leading Reverse Mortgage Shortcomings

Alternative options to a reverse mortgage. If you have been considering a reverse mortgage, but just cant make up your mind if it is right for you, then maybe we should cover some alternative options. Move Bring up moving and … Continue reading

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Divorce: is it the only option?

Divorce rates have been gradually increasing since record began, and recently this increase is quicker than ever; when looking at the statistics it can seem like the amount of happy marriages is lower than those that end in divorce. Before … Continue reading

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Stock Options: you think you got 'em, but is your accelerated vesting provision enough protection?

Stock options can be the most valuable component of an executive's employment contract. A stock option allows the option holder to buy stock in the future at a pre-determined price, or strike price. For example, if an executive is granted … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Options For Debtors In Community Property States

When I meet with a married couple that are considering a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, one major consideration that needs to be addressed is whether or not to file for both, or only one of the spouses. I practice in Louisiana. … Continue reading

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Laster on Top-up Options

Rick Climan walks Vice Chancellor Laster through the legal issues relating to top-up options. If you don't want to watch his talk, you can read the equivalent in Vice Chancellor Laster's opinion in Olson v Ev3. In the talk, Laster… … Continue reading

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