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MSPRC issues new payment option

The MSPRC has posted the announcement regarding the fixed percentage option for repayment of conditional payments for certain types of liability insurance settlements of $5K or less. Beginning November 7, 2011, a beneficiary who meets the below noted criteria, may … Continue reading

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New Governance, Decentring & Unionization as the Default Option

David Doorey, Decentring Labor Law (June 14, 2010), available on SSRN. Michael J. Zimmer There is a cadre of terrific Canadian labor and employment scholars, many of whom have received insufficient recognition in the U.S. As a group, these scholars … Continue reading

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Zombie Banks and the Need for a Public Option in Finance

I recently heard Thomas Ferguson discuss his work in political economy with Chris Hayes. He mentioned this paper, which does a pretty remarkable job summarizing what's happened in finance since the bailout: [Banks have successfully lobbied] for free or low … Continue reading

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When Bankruptcy is the Only Option

Many people tried to avoid bankruptcy at all costs. Afterall, some of them have spent years building a high credit score and bankruptcy is the last thing they want to even consider. I remember watching a show on television when … Continue reading

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Option Contracts

Blog readers may be interested in reading Rolf Hellerman et al.'s new working paper, Option Contracts with Overbooking in the Air Cargo Industry (WHO Mgmt Working Paper No. 2011-PROD-2, Apr. 2011) (available from SSRN here). From the abstract: In today's… … Continue reading

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