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Steinman on Non-Majority Opinions and Biconditional Rules

Adam Steinman (University of Alabama – School of Law) has posted Non-Majority Opinions and Biconditional Rules (Yale Law Journal Forum, Vol. 128 (Forthcoming)) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: In Hughes v. United States, the Supreme Court will revisit a thorny … Continue reading

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OPINIONS – February 27 & 28, 2018

Nelson v. City of Billings and MMIA DA 17-0074 2018 MT 36 Criminal – Other Matter of S.T. YINC DA 17-0377 2018 MT 35N Civil – Dependent Neglect Matter of G.P. D.P. M.P. YINC DA 17-0279 2018 MT 34N Civil … Continue reading

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OPINIONS – January 9, 2018

Marriage of Low DA 17-0064 2018 MT 6N Civil – Domestic Relations State v. R. Lerman DA 16-0135 2018 MT 5 Criminal – Sexual Intercourse without Consent Read more detail on Recent Law Librarian posts –

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Whither Judge Kozinski’s Opinions?

I’m going on vacation tomorrow, so this will probably be my last post until 2018. With Judge Koziniski’s retirement today. I’m wondering how people feel about using his opinions in class. When I teach IP, I typically include a couple … Continue reading

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Conflicting medical opinions

Conflicting medical opinions Buczynski v NYSERS, 291 AD2d 630 Daniel Buczynski, a marketing specialist for the State's Lottery Division, filed an application for disability retirement benefits in January 1997. The basis for his application: anxiety and depression. Buczynski had stopped … Continue reading

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