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In Vitro Diagnostics: Operating Conditions

The In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market is expected to experience accelerated growth of 5.9%[i] from 2016-2022 and continue to be the largest segment of the global MedTech industry.[ii] The operating conditions of the IVD market are characterized by low capital … Continue reading

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Self-Storage Investing–Industry Operating Conditions

This article is one in a series covering opportunities in real estate investment banking and M&A, specifically targeting the self-storage industry, a sub-sector of the commercial real estate market. The article will present a discussion of the operating condition in … Continue reading

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Where do I file my LLC operating agreement?

  Nowhere.  In most instances, you will not file your LLC Operating Agreement with anyone or anything.  You are not required to file your LLC Operating Agreement with a state agency, at least as a requirement for having a validly … Continue reading

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9th Cir.: Apple Not Misuse Copyright by Restricting Use of MAC OS X Operating System Software to Apple computers

The 9th Circuit today held that Apple may continue to prohibit buyers (i.e., licensees) of its MAC OS X operating system software from using the system on non-Apple computers. The ruling in Apple Inc. v. Psystar Corp., No. 10-15113 (9th … Continue reading

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NewPage Corp. Creditors' Committee Appointed, First Monthly Operating Report Filed

On Thursday, NewPage Corporation filed its first monthly operating report with the Delaware bankruptcy court and, separately, the United States Trustee filed a notice identifying the members of the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors appointed in the chapter 11 bankruptcy … Continue reading

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