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Unsettling Comments from the Ontario Courts re the Settled Law of Trademarks and Parallel Importation

The Ontario courts have made some unsettling comments suggesting that the Canadian trademarks law is “unsettled” on the issue of parallel imports or grey marketing. Ironically, like the leading Canadian case on parallel imports discussed below, this also appears to … Continue reading

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Disbarred Lawyer Sentenced to 7 Years by Ontario Court

If you were a lawyer practicing in the 1980’s you may remember the escapades of Ontario lawyers Harry Kopyto and his colleague, Angelina Codina. Harry was a rabble rouser with socialist leanings, a defender of the poor and disadvantaged, who … Continue reading

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“Mr. Big” Police Sting Convicts Ontario Wife Murderer

I recognize that the RCMP’s classic “Mr. Big” sting to cajole murder suspects to confess to horrendous crimes has been criticized by many civil libertarians as an abuse of process. Yes, there are cases where the scenario and inducements to … Continue reading

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Law Commission of Ontario Consultation Paper on Class Actions

The Law Commission of Ontario has published a consultation paper on class actions. From the press release: "The LCO review is the most comprehensive assessment of Ontario’s Class Proceedings Act since it came into force more than 25 years. Since … Continue reading

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Emergency Resources in Ontario

For those living with disabilities, injuries, illness, and chronic conditions having access to and knowledge of the various emergency resources and services in your area can make all the difference when it comes to either your or a loved one’s … Continue reading

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