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Law Commission of Ontario Consultation Paper on Class Actions

The Law Commission of Ontario has published a consultation paper on class actions. From the press release: "The LCO review is the most comprehensive assessment of Ontario’s Class Proceedings Act since it came into force more than 25 years. Since … Continue reading

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Emergency Resources in Ontario

For those living with disabilities, injuries, illness, and chronic conditions having access to and knowledge of the various emergency resources and services in your area can make all the difference when it comes to either your or a loved one’s … Continue reading

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Ontario Court of Appeal confirms that US General Aviation Revitalization Act of 1994 does not apply to claims filed in Canadian courts

The Ontario Court of Appeal recently released its decision in Thorne v. Hudson Estate, 2017 ONCA 208, which arose out of the crash of a twin-engine Beech aircraft in New York State. The plane, carrying two pilots and one passenger, … Continue reading

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Ontario Grandparents Sued by Mother Seeking Child Support

We’ve previously blogged about grandparent’s access rights to grandchildren and related custody battles, this week we discuss a potentially precedent-setting situation of two grandparents who are being sued by the mother of their grandchild for child-support. What Happened? Two North … Continue reading

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Ontario flurry of convictions

In a typical year, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment launches about 150 to 175 prosecutions. About 75% of them are resolved by guilty pleas; about 5% are acquitted at trial; about 10% are convicted of something at trial; about … Continue reading

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