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The Potential Folly of Pursuing Only a Hashtag Mark

Credit: Local Solutions I write today regarding a squirrelly thought: are the benefits of registering a hashtag trademark almost always outweighed by the consequences? In light of a recent Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) ruling and the Trademark Manual … Continue reading

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"One A Day" conveys that consumers need take only one a day, Cal. court holds

Brady v. Bayer Corp., G053847, 2018 WL 4275356, — Cal.Rptr.3d —- (Ct. App. Sept. 7, 2018)Judge Bedsworth was not pulling any punches in this opinion. I’ll probably quote too much but outraged rhetoric can be fun.  To summarize:[W]hen consumers find … Continue reading

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Manafort Is Not Only One Charged With Failing to File an FBAR. Los Angeles Man Pleads Guilty to Not Reporting over $1 Million Held in Israeli Offshore Accounts.

The Justice Department just publicized this plea relating to FBAR at the same time that Paul Manafort has a jury deciding whether or not he willfully failed to file an FBAR. This may satisfy some pundits who claim that no … Continue reading

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Nation’s only History Book Festival returns to Lewes, DE — Sept. 28th & 29th

I had the great privilege of presenting at the 2017 History Book Festival. It was an absolute delight. The organizers and hosts were extraordinarily hospitable, the events were well attended and lively, the audience was bubbling over with questions. Overall, … Continue reading

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It Is Not Only Liberals Who Must Compromise to Stop Trump

by Neil H. BuchananWhen anyone but his supporters talks about Donald Trump, the conversation is clear and unwavering.  No matter the speakers' positions on specific policies, from lefty progressives to hardcore right-wing neoconservatives and all positions in between, everyone understands … Continue reading

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