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Internet online anonymity didn't shield lawyer from ethical obligations

Internet online anonymity didn't shield lawyer from ethical obligationsRochester, New York attorney Nicole Black has posted an item on her LawBlog Sui Generus summarizing a decision by the Supreme Court of Louisiana, In re: Salvadore R. Perricone, No. 2018-B-1233, in which the … Continue reading

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How Does Online Dating Affect Relationships?

The internet has become a place where you can locate anything. Cute cat pictures, a recipe, or a new husband or wife can all be found online. Many people have turned to online dating to help them romantically. According to … Continue reading

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Out-of-state Online Retailers Now Required to Collect California Sales Tax

As a result of the U.S. Supreme Court's Wayfair decision, starting 2019, California will require remote sellers with no presence in the state to register and collect and pay over to the state sales taxes (technically, "use tax") on sales … Continue reading

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What Attorneys Need to Know About Online Reputation Management

Reputation is everything for attorneys. A good one gets you more clients through referrals; a bad one pretty much dooms your practice. So it’s no surprise that attorneys tend to pay close attention to cultivating a good reputation as effective, … Continue reading

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How to Delete Online Accounts You No Longer Need

Consumer Reports – Having too many digital accounts raises your risk of data being misused or stolen. Here’s how to clean house. By Thomas Germain. December 27, 2018 [h/t Pete Weiss] “Deleting online accounts is one of the best ways … Continue reading

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