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Let me once again recommend the Lexis Insurance Law Center

Look, Im not saying this just because Im on the advisory board, and Im not saying this just because I have this post up about legal blogging, and I am not saying this just because I am as amazed as anyone that … Continue reading

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Liam Neeson says he once sought to commit murder as revenge for a friend's rape – SFGate

Liam Neeson says he once roamed the streets in pursuit of a black person to murder after a close friend of his disclosed that she had been raped by a (different) black person. The actor recalled this "awful" impulse during … Continue reading

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Once They Are Tested, Can Genes Stay Private?

In the last decade, the cost of sequencing the human genome has dropped significantly, enabling the growth of a wide range of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Companies now offer consumers a chance to “meet your genes,” “get the most out of … Continue reading

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“Managed Retreat?” — Once More, Scientists Fail to Consult with Branding Specialists

Two seemingly unrelated adaptation stories caught my eye last week.  The first involved efforts by the California Coastal Commission to provide guidance on “Residential Adaptation” to climate change.  The primary reason why the draft guidance is getting so much attention … Continue reading

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