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Divorce Rates High Among Older Americans

Despite the common misconception that divorces are rising throughout the United States, divorce rates have been declining since reaching a peak rate in the late 1970s, when about 50% of marriages ended in divorce. Today, with the use of advanced … Continue reading

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Older Cruise Ship Passenger on Royal Caribbean Seeks Answers After Painful Accident

Slip and fall type accidents on cruise ships are relatively commonplace. Slippery decks, rolling waves and crowded hallways can make it difficult to move around – especially for older passengers whose mobility is already declining or impaired. Where a younger … Continue reading

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Americans in their 60s and 70s struggle as caregivers for older relatives

Life can be hard, lonely, and difficult for adults who must become caregivers for their parents. If that sounds like the challenging story for tens of millions of millennials and Gen-Xers, yes, it’s true. But Judith Graham, in a column … Continue reading

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Should Older Individuals Be Entitled to a “Second Childhood”?

As more individuals survive for longer periods of time, these individuals have increasingly become the victims of various scams. Should they have a defense of “old age” just like a young individual has the defense of “minority.” This is one… … Continue reading

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Asian-Americans, Older Americans Seek Non-Discriminatory College Admissions

An assault on the concept of “diversity” in college admissions is underway, this time by Asian Americans and older Americans. A group called Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) recently filed a brief in U.S. District Court of Massachusetts seeking immediate … Continue reading

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