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Occupy Wall Street Takes On Copyright's Fair Use Doctrine

Documentary filmmaker Peter Brauer calls on people to #Occupy the News in this Youtube video explaining copyright's fair use doctrine to Fox News. #ows Brauer refers those seeking to use film clips to Stanford's Fair Use Project. http://www.dunnington.com/rdowd_bio.html Purchase Copyright … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street is a Democracy Movement

By Mike Dorf The notion that Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has no demands is fueled in part by an arguably deliberate media obtuseness. Judging from the movement's core catch-phrase — "We are the 99%" — it is clear that the … Continue reading

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What Occupy Wall Street Owes to Zoning

From the Wall Street Journal's Developments blog: What Occupy Wall Street Owes to Zoning. Occupy Wall Street's monthlong protest has been helped by donors willing to supply food, temperate fall weather and support from organized labor and some elected officials…. … Continue reading

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Property Law v. Occupy Wall Street

According to various news outlets, public space ordinances are being used to clamp down on Occupy Wall Street protesters. The laws include anti-sleeping laws, bans on personal belongings in public space, and laws against impeding pedestrian traffic. See here for… … Continue reading

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