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Jeffrey P. Gale, P.A. // Carrier’s Obligation to Pay Medical Expenses Despite Drug/Alcohol Impairment Defense

Under Florida law, if a workplace injury was occasioned primarily by the influence of alcohol or drugs, workers’ compensation benefits can be denied. Section 440.09(3), Florida Statutes (2018) (Interestingly, while this section provides that “Compensation is not payable,” with section … Continue reading

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ESMA final report amending RTS on EMIR clearing obligation

On 27 September 2018, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published its final report (the Report) on the clearing obligation under EMIR (no. 6). The Report presents draft regulatory technical standards (the Draft RTS) in Annex III, which relates … Continue reading

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How Your Retirement May Impact Your Florida Alimony Obligation

Life is full of many twists and turns, many of which can have financial consequences. When you experience a turn in your life that reduces your income, and you are under an existing court order to pay your ex-spouse alimony, … Continue reading

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Obligation to Disclose Information in Divorce

Both parties to a divorce have an obligation to each other, and to the court, not to leave out relevant information.  It is considered fraud upon the court to allow a divorce to be finalized without full disclosure, not to … Continue reading

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Does a Term in a Marital Settlement Agreement Where an Alimony Paying Spouse Must Provide Life Insurance Naming the Ex-Spouse as Beneficiary Support an Alimony Obligation or Not?

By:  Bonnie C. Frost In a case which might, at first glance, be overlooked, the purpose of life insurance as it relates to alimony (and possibly as it might pertain to child support) is discussed clearly and succinctly.  In Wheeler … Continue reading

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