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Is Life Insurance Policy Lapse the end of the story? Maybe not! … [or, “What is the Notice Prejudice Rule?”]

Maybe you’ve heard (or experienced) the tragic story of someone becoming ill, forgetting or being unable to pay their life insurance premium, only to see the policy lapse at the time it is needed most. It’s more common than you … Continue reading

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Court Rejects Bond Insurer’s Coverage Trigger Defense and Notice Prejudice Rule Arguments

In an interesting recent decision, a court rejected two defenses a Financial Institution Bond insurer asserted in denying coverage for a bank’s losses arising from a $3.6 million loan extended in reliance on documents that proved to have been forged. … Continue reading

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Thai Authorities Detain Bahraini Refugee Soccer Player After INTERPOL Red Notice Request

Hakeem al-Araibi, a 25-year-old refugee soccer player from Bahrain, will remain in a Thai jail for at least two months as he prepares to fight an extradition request from his native country. Al-Araibi claims the Bahraini government arrested and tortured … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Says Government Must Give Notice of Time and Place of Immigration Court Hearings, So Government Gives Times/Places for Nonexistent Hearings. Again.

(Photo credit: Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times) On Thursday, January 31, thousands of people across the country took time off of work, and in some cases drove for hours and hired attorneys for immigration court hearings that didn't exist. The… … Continue reading

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Notice of Medicaid Eligibility violates Due Process if it doesn’t specify the Reason

The Superior Court of Massachusetts recently addressed the question of whether a state Medicaid agency had given adequate notice to the Medicaid applicant of the reason for denial of eligibility. What’s useful for New Jersey purposes is the exended discussion … Continue reading

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