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Ninth Circuit Throws Out Tax Protestors Conviction, Orders New Trial

The Ninth Circuit yesterday issued a decision granting a new trial on criminal charges against Lawrence Cohen, whom the opinion describes as an “acolyte” of “well-known recidivist tax protestor Irwin Schiff.” From Howard Bashman: The basis for the ruling is… … Continue reading

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Ninth Circuit Interprets the Health Parity Act in Favor of Insureds Seeking Health Insurance Benefits

Insurance companies often attempt to provide different levels of benefits for the treatment of physical injuries and mental health issues in the same policy.  Mental health parity describes the equal treatment of mental health conditions and non-mental health conditions in … Continue reading

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Case o' The Week: Ninth Nixes Extortion Contortions – Edling and "Crime of Violence" Under Guideline Definition

  Did Tony Soprano extort by threatening “physical injury” to his victim's iPad?  (Yeah, the Ninth doesn’t think so, either.)United States v. Edling, 2018 WL 2752208 (9thCir. June 8, 2018), decision available here.Players: Decision by Judge Watford, joined by C.J. … Continue reading

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Ninth Circuit: Professional Services Exclusion Precludes D&O Insurance Coverage

A recurring issue under private company D&O insurance policies is the scope of the preclusive effect of the professional services exclusion. This question is particularly important for companies in professional services industries, as just about everything these kinds of companies … Continue reading

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USA: Ketab Corp. v. Mesriani and Associates, PC, United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, No. 16-55958, 02 May 2018

Cheryl BeiseThe federal district court in Los Angeles did not err in dismissing trademark infringement, dilution, and related claims brought by Ketab Corporation—a telephone directory and marketing services to the Iranian community in the Los Angeles area—against a competing directory … Continue reading

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