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Don’t Assume Your Insurance Covers A Newly Acquired Company

The Supreme Court of Virginia’s decision yesterday finding no coverage for fire damage to a building is a cautionary tale for companies acquiring other companies. Erie Ins. Exch. v. EPC MD 15, LLC, 2019 WL 238168 (Va. Jan. 17, 2019). … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Holidays With Your Children When You are Newly Divorced or Separated

For family law attorneys, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . . fights over holiday parenting time.  The holiday season is often a time of stress, and sometimes of sadness, for everyone.  For separating or divorcing parents … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity Tips for the Newly Separated

Divorce can prompt mental health issues, financial duress, and several other problems…but did you know that it can also be a security risk? Cybersecurity is of increasing concern in an age in which hacking can destroy your finances, your livelihood, … Continue reading

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A Newly Progressive Political Economy?

Sabeel Rahman, Democracy Against Domination (2016). Rosalind Dixon In Democracy Against Domination, Sabeel Rahman has written a book for our time: a serious intellectual effort to grapple with the problems posed by rising economic inequality and concentration of power, and the role … Continue reading

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Newly discovered map shows what internet looked like in 1973

What the Entire Internet Looked Like in 1973: An Old Map Gets Found in a Pile of Research Papers – “Modern “maps” of the internet can indeed look like sprawling clusters of star systems, pulsing with light and color. But the … Continue reading

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