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Never too late: If you missed the IPKat posts last week!

NEWS NEWS NEWS The 212th edition of Never Too Late is out!CopyrightIn A 12th centuty tale of an orphan work (it’s all about the teeth), Kat Neil J. Wilkof reports on the fascinating inquiry into the author of orphan works in … Continue reading

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China SOE Bankruptcies, Foreign Buyers, and Product that Never Arrives

Euler Hermes, the German credit insurance company, recently released its bankruptcy filing projections for 2019 here. The Report states that bankruptcies worldwide increased by 10% in 2018 and it projects an additional 6% increase for 2019. What surprised me is … Continue reading

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Its never too late…

When 95-year-old Nola Ochs graduates next month, she will be the worlds oldest college graduate. The record Ochs will break, according to Guinness World Records, belongs to Mozelle Richardson, who at age 90 in 2004 received a journalism degree from… … Continue reading

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We’re Never Going to Meet Our GHG Transportation Goals Unless We Radically Rethink Our Cities

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about vehicle miles traveled, or VMT. Specifically, why is it so hard to get people to think seriously about reducing VMT as a climate mitigation strategy? Building on my earlier ode to electric scooters, … Continue reading

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When Mortgagees Claim They Never Received Foreclosure Notice

A mortgagor can complete a foreclosure and sale of a property, all without hearing a word from the mortgagee who is living at the property. However, the mortgagee may object to the foreclosure sale at the last minute, claiming that he or she … Continue reading

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