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Sanction First; Hearing Never

The Maryland Court of Appeals has disbarred an attorney without a hearing based on a federal conviction This attorney discipline proceeding involves a lawyer who, in the words of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, “concocted… … Continue reading

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The IRS Can NEVER waive interest on late taxes

A client who owns a business recently claimed an R&D tax credit.  The IRS denied his use of the credit, he hired me, we went to Tax Court and ultimately settled on most of the issues with the IRS.  My … Continue reading

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I am starting to see a disturbing trend occur in the legal field. Some law firms seem to think they can hire non lawyers to do lawyer’s jobs. Thing is- we lawyers are licensed to give legal advice to clients, … Continue reading

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Some Things Never Change…

We recently did some spring cleaning throughout the office. We ended up sending 20 large boxes of recycled paper along with a ton of other little things that accumulate over the years. Well, Susan Russel uncovered an old message I … Continue reading

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Anthony Kennedy: The Judge Who Never Left the Republican Party

When the Republican Party in 1980 nominated Ronald Reagan for president and Al D’Amato captured the Republican nomination for the New York Senate seat, I walked out.  Over the next forty years, prominent Republican members of the federal judiciary trod … Continue reading

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