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Texas Supreme Court Clarifies When Employers are Responsible for Employees’ Negligence

When are employers liable for negligence of their employees? For example, when an employee is driving a company vehicle and gets in a car accident, when can his/her employer be held liable for the injuries caused by the employee? The … Continue reading

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Pedestrian Struck by Car in Store Parking Lot Brings Maryland Negligence Claim Against Driver

Pedestrians can suffer serious and life-long injuries in Maryland car accidents, even when traveling at a low speed. In an October 3, 2017 case, a plaintiff was struck by a car as she walked from the parking lot toward the … Continue reading

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Careless Release of a Psychiatric Patient: “Medical Malpractice” or “General Negligence”?

Szymborski v. Spring Mountain Treatment Center, 403 P.3d 1280 (Nev. 2017) Categorization of a tort action as a suit for “medical malpractice,” as opposed to general negligence, or vice versa, can be crucial. By making this categorization, courts determine whether … Continue reading

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Injured Cruise Ship Worker Allowed to Proceed with Negligence Claim in State Court

A former cruise ship worker for Seabourn was allowed to proceed with her Jones Act negligence and unseaworthiness case in state court. The injured crewmember filed a lawsuit in Florida state court against her cruise line employer for injured sustained … Continue reading

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Georgia Supreme Court Reverses $22 Million Negligence Award, Orders New Trial

Georgia law draws a sharp distinction between ordinary negligence and medical malpractice. The former does not necessarily require an expert’s opinion to prove liability, but the latter does. Specifically, the Georgia Supreme Court has said that medical malpractice victims must … Continue reading

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