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Divorce: What Small Business Owners Need to Know

Many marriages end in divorce, and no matter how good things seem, you never know when you might become half of a separated or divorced couple in the future.  If you run your own business, the fact that you could … Continue reading

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Chicago Dockless Bikes & Electric Scooters – What You Need To Know

Have you noticed those brightly colored bikes and scooters on Chicago streets lately? Chances are, you’ve encountered one of those “dockless” vehicles – bicycles and scooters that can be rented without the need for docking stations. Equipped with digital locking … Continue reading

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Revealing Data: Why We Need Humans to Curate Web Collections

Circulating Now – NIH – “In this Revealing Data series we explore data in historical medical collections, and how preserving this data helps to ensure that generations of researchers can reexamine it, reveal new stories, and make new discoveries. Future … Continue reading

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Red Tide Hits Florida – What You Need to Know

A lot of people get an incredible amount of enjoyment out of travel, and during the summer months when the ocean water is warm and the sun is pleasantly hot, Florida tends to be a popular place for tourist and … Continue reading

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Spouses Need to Think Carefully About When to Take Social Security Benefits

When a person decides to take Social Security is important as it determines the amount of benefit to be received. Social Security benefits are maximized if the person waits until they are 70. A spouse is usually entitled to an… … Continue reading

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