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Filing a Divorce Petition: What You Need to Know

There are five basic stages to a divorce proceeding. Filing a divorce petition is the first. Any Divorce, even one on friendly terms where everything is agreed, must begin with the filing of an "original petition for divorce" in a … Continue reading

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Those Who Hate the "New" Facebook, Say "I": Why You Need to Stay on Top of the Changes

Most of you hate it, if I can venture a guess. Change is hard for most of us, and this is one of the biggest changes yet to the platform that everyone and their brother is on. And to think-there … Continue reading

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What If My Spouse Controls All The Money And I Need An Attorney For Divorce In Florida?

In many Florida marriages, one spouse controls or has all the finances and the other spouse cannot access funds or resources to pay an attorney a retainer to hire the attorney.This not only happens in affluent areas, like Ponte Vedra … Continue reading

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Report: What do we need the 'Net for? Bars, restaurants, and clubs

A new Pew Research /Knight Foundation survey about Internet use is full of revelations about competition between newspapers, TV, and social networks for local news audiences. 79 percent of the United States population that's online now relies upon the 'Net … Continue reading

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A dozen key terms that need clear definition and application in benchmarks of law department staff and spend

We take for granted that fundamental terms in benchmark surveys and reports have clear meanings understood and applied by all. Lord, what fools these mortals be! Setting aside statistical terms, below are 12 that deserve careful definition by surveyors and… … Continue reading

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