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Swedish Supreme Court confirms that domain names constitute property that can be seized by the state

The saga behind the decision I am going to report on first started in April 2015, when prosecutor Fredrik Ingblad directed claims against Fredrik Neij (one of the creators of The Pirate Bay) in an effort to disrupt the operation … Continue reading

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CFTC Adds 21 Names to Its List of Foreign Entities that Illegally Solicit U.S. Residents to Trade Binary Options and Forex

RED List Identifies Entities Operating Illegally for Binary Options and Forex Washington, DC — As part of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) ongoing efforts to help protect Americans from fraud, today the CFTC added 21 new names to the Registration … Continue reading

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Swiss Banks May Pay Billions and Disclose More Accountholder Names

We may soon see a resolution to the US’s continuing probe of the offshore tax evasion through secret banks at prestigious Swiss financial institutions and the ongoing negotiations regarding what kind of monetary payment and account disclosure will settle the … Continue reading

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Ghostwriting: Should the big names in social media write their own posts?

(Rachael Peli) Have you ever noticed that some of your favorite social media gurus and bloggers seem to post around the clock? I follow a good number of public relations professionals on Twitter, for example, and when I have insomnia, … Continue reading

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Changing Names in a New Mexico Divorce

When a considering whether or not to get a divorce in New Mexico, most people are focused on the big issues, such as: child custody and time-sharing; determining who will keep the marital residence; and, dividing retirement accounts. In thinking … Continue reading

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