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A Green Economy Must Achieve Climate Justice

There is no such thing as free lunch in environmental policy. Somebody, somewhere has to pay for climate protection. In their recent article, Inequality, Social Resilience, and the Green Economy, Sidney A. Shapiro and Robert R. M. Verchick remind us … Continue reading

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7 Things You Must Do To Keep Your House In Chapter 13

Saving your home ranks high on the list of reasons people file Chapter 13. The automatic stay stops foreclosures; Chapter 13 gives you time to fix the problem. Powerful stuff. But the stay and more time alone isn’t enough to … Continue reading

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What Must Happen If Your Dog Bites Someone in California?

ANSWER:You must notify the County Department of Animal Services if your dog bites someone. (San Diego County Code 62.615)By law, the dog is required to be quarantined for 10 days from the date of the bite. The place and manner of … Continue reading

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Modern Slavery Exists and We Must Stop It Now

There is a lot of green building going on at BREEAM USA from a pilot program for BREEAM In-Use with multifamily properties to the certification of the first BREEAM USA In-Use office tower, but what is no doubt most impactful is … Continue reading

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DOL Opinion Letter Addresses Whether Employees Must Be Paid for Wellness Activities

Over the past fifteen years, wellness programs have generated more than their fair share of litigation and regulatory scrutiny – primarily over the issue of whether they comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  A related compliance issue that has … Continue reading

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