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User data collection on Facebook much more extensive than just by Cambridge Analytica

The travails related to the revelation of massive Facebook data collection are not subsiding – and as the lyric goes “all the news is bad” – including growing discussion about “data lust,” covert operations abroad, and undermining democracy with data … Continue reading

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Much ado about … What, exactly?

Health Agents for America (HAFA) president Ronnell Nolan produces a series of vlogs (basically video blogs) about various issues that we deal with every day. Recently, she posted this one. Please watch (it's only a few minutes long) and then … Continue reading

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How Much Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy In Minnesota?

Bankruptcy is an investment for our clients. When finances are tight, anything is a significant investment. But the investment always pays off. The amount of money the client pays is nearly always inconsequential when compared to the tens of thousands of … Continue reading

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Washington Must Act on Much Needed Improvements to Freight Rail Policies

Now is the time to improve the outdated rules at the Surface Transportation Board to make a fairer economic regulatory framework and strengthen the nation’s freight rail system. For decades, the railroads have vehemently opposed any manner of change proposed … Continue reading

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How Much Does It Cost to File My Divorce? Updated, March 2018

Divorce cases are filed as Domestic Civil Cases in Superior Court. Filing fees to the Superior Court vary by county, see list and links below for the most recent filing fees as of March, 2018. Alcovy (Walton and Newton Counties) … Continue reading

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