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How Much Are The Mentally Disableds' Lives Worth In New York (Hint: ZERO!)

Just read a great article in the New York Times about developmentally disabled people in New York State care, or in the care of not-for-profit homes charged by the State to care for them, who die for "reasons other than … Continue reading

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Do You Know How Much You Are Worth In The Eyes Of The IRS

Do you know how much you are worth upon your death? One of the first things I go over with a potential client are their assets. I need to gather all the asset information in order to properly counsel the … Continue reading

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Intelligent divorce costs how much?

I was looking this week at what I think is a pretty good new, online service for divorcing couples wanting to work to reach agreement on the value of their assets before then asking a barrister to give an opinion … Continue reading

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How much do USCIS immigration forms cost?

USCIS immigration forms are available for free. You should never pay someone for a copy of a USCIS immigration form. You can obtain USCIS immigration forms for free from several sources: (1) USCIS website (2) USCIS field office locations (3) … Continue reading

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What's Too Much Information for Students? Guest Post by Lisa McElroy

Last week, reading Mike and Neil's posts about their memories of 9/11, I thought a lot about whether I should blog about my own. At first, I decided not to, because the official story, the one my students know about … Continue reading

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