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What Are the State Insurance Requirements / Financial Responsibility Laws for Motorcycle Owners in the State of Florida?

In the State of Florida, a person can own a motorcycle and have no insurance in place whatsoever for that motorcycle. Florida law under most instances has no requirements for motorcycle owners and bikers. Of course, the laws for financial … Continue reading

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Lexington Man Dies in Motorcycle Crash

32 year old Tony Gray was killed Sunday in a motorcycle crash in Lexington, Kentucky. Mr. Gray's motorcycle hit a truck pulling a horse trailer that was making a left turn from Newtown Pike. Although Mr. Gray was wearing a … Continue reading

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DUI Uncertain in Deadly Orlando Motorcycle Wreck

Orlando police are investigating a motorcycle crash that killed an Orlando couple just before midnight Friday night. According to investigators, a motorcycle driven by 35-year-old John Doe was traveling behind another motorcycle that slowed down to stop at a red … Continue reading

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Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney is One of the Important Rules

Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is one of the most important rules after being involved in a collision on the bike. Motorcycle accidents are usually devastating, because the rider has little protection from hitting the pavement; they have a helmet … Continue reading

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How to find the best Motorcycle Attorney

Motorcycles in and of themselves are extremely dangerous vehicles, as proven by the accident statistics relating to them. In 2008, there were nearly 100,000 accidents that involved motorcycles. Of these, more than half of the riders did not have a … Continue reading

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