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Competition Commission proposes tough measures on motor insurers

On 1 August 2018, the Competition Commission called for final comments on its far-reaching Code of Conduct for Competition in the Automotive Industry. The code will materially impact a range of stakeholders, including motor insurers. This consultation is the last … Continue reading

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Three Elements You Must Prove in Motor Accident Cases

Involved in a motor accident? Watch the video below to learn what you could do! If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries or death as a result of the negligence of another person or company, the attorneys … Continue reading

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Motor vehicle accident injuries in NYC at their highest in May

5,569 people suffered personal injury in 20,551 traffic accidents in New York City last May. Among them were 2,534 motorists, 1,755 passengers, 430 cyclists and 850 pedestrians. While looking at past statistics,  we notice a seasonal factor that causes the … Continue reading

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Nudging American Drivers To Drive More Safely Might Slash Staggering Motor Vehicle Death Toll

Improving road safety among drivers is a matter of psychology — traffic psychology. An entirely new psychology discipline — traffic psychology — has emerged from the need to understand why drivers act the way they do behind the wheel despite … Continue reading

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New Treatment for Cerebral Palsy: M2 Macrophage Transplantation Improves Motor and Cognitive Function

Cell transplantation is a promising new avenue for treating cerebral palsy (CP). Previous research has shown that stem cell therapy can help children with cerebral palsy; a study published this month indicates that treatment with macrophages may also be effective. … Continue reading

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