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Should You Get A Mortgage Now?

Should You Get A Mortgage Now? Source: Flickr It’s never a good sign when your home loan company files for bankruptcy. Sadly, that’s just what’s happening to many sub-prime mortgage lenders these days. Mortgage rates are low right now (about … Continue reading

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Quicken Loans: Cut Your Mortgage Payment by 50%*

Have you seen the commercials on TV for mortgage loans where you can get a $150,000 loan for only $450 a month (rather than the usual $1000)? [Watch commercial] The ad is for Quicken Loans’ “Secure Advantage” loan. Among the … Continue reading

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Explaining The Increase In Monthly Mortgage Payments On Long Established Loans

Lots of my clients lately are asking the same question:  why has my mortgage payment increased so much? Interest rates are creeping up on variable rate loans, but not dramatically. For most of those asking, it’s because the interest-only period … Continue reading

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Direct Mortgage Payments: Inside, Under, Or Outside The Plan

  Are post petition payments on the debtor’s mortgage “under the plan”? Not in the view of  one judge. Direct payments on a a residential mortgage loan are not “payments under the plan” for purpose of Bankruptcy Code § 1328(a), Thus … Continue reading

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The HECM Mortgage is Controversial?  Well, it shouldn’t be.

I can no longer count the number of articles presenting the HECM mortgage program as being somehow “controversial.”  The implication is that there is something amiss or wrong with the HECM program. The thing is that it’s not true.  There … Continue reading

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