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BIS report: Cryptocurrency won’t replace money, but DLT has promise

By Anne Sherry, J.D. The fifth chapter of the Bank for International Settlements’ Annual Economic Report takes on cryptocurrencies, putting them in historical perspective and concluding that challenges such as energy requirements and valuation fluctuations make them an unlikely substitute … Continue reading

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The Money Market Funds Regulations 2018

On 11 June 2018, there was published on the legislation.gov.uk website The Money Market Funds Regulations 2018 together with an explanatory memorandum.  The Regulation gives effect to the EU Money Market Funds Regulation by amending the Financial Services and Markets … Continue reading

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California Shines a Light on Dark Money

This November, Californians will vote for 80 State Assembly members, 20 state senators, and a new governor, as well as face choices over a number of citizen-initiated ballot measures. With so much at stake, over 19 million voters can expect … Continue reading

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Saving money by slashing patent attorney fees wastes every dollar

You get what you pay for, and C-level executives that play the role of bean-counter and only see that they are saving money today without any consideration of the damage they are doing long-term to their patent portfolios will wind … Continue reading

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Can Bankruptcy Take My Student Loan Money?

This question is easy, but SEO requires me to write at least 300 words. You need to file bankruptcy, but you are in school living off of your student loan money. What happens to student loan money in a bankruptcy? … Continue reading

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