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Oklahoma: plan to let county employees carry guns into courthouses modified in House committee

A plan to let more people carry guns into Oklahoma courthouses was modified by a House committee last week. HB 2527 as originally filed and discussed here provided all county employees, not just elected officials as in a 2017 law … Continue reading

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1st Cir.: Compare infringing software with copyrighted code, not modified, non-copyrighted version

There are two critical lessons for software companies in Airframe Systems, Inc. v. L-3 Communications Corp., No. 10-2001 (1st Cir. Sept. 14, 2011): (1) It's not enough to register the copyright in the original source code. When you modify it, … Continue reading

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Georgia divorce decree cannot be modified by the trial court in contempt action, even if it will result in hardship

The Supreme Court of Georgia recently held a Husband to the exact language in his divorce decree, even though it may cause him hardship. Greenwood v. Greenwood, S11A0611 (2011). In that case, the parties' final judgment and decree of divorce … Continue reading

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Deepwater Horizon Investigation Findings Will Spur Calls for Modified Blowout Preventer Design

Last week, a technical investigation into the Transocean-owned oil rig explosion last year found that a piece of the drill pipe had blocked the blowout preventer, thereby causing the failure of the preventer. These findings are likely to increase calls … Continue reading

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When parties resolve their divorce via a settlement agreement, can they agree that neither party will seek to modify the agreed upon terms of alimony and child support? In New Jersey, a court may generally modify a support obligation at … Continue reading

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