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3 Substantial Mistakes When Obtaining a Reverse Mortgage

Quite a few mistakes are made when a person looks into getting a reverse mortgage. We will be able to cover three of the major ones that will have a long term effect if you don’t address them upfront. Mistake … Continue reading

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Paid for My Mistakes

I was caught shop lifting with my cousin when I was 23. We were both charged with each others items making it a felony offense. When we were caught we tried to run. Because we ran we also got charged … Continue reading

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It's so hard for lawyers to learn from mistakes, and five reasons why

Hard on its explanation of "good failures," an article in the Harvard Bus. Rev., April 2011 at 54, summarizes why organizations struggle to analyze failure constructively and learn from it. One reason is "because examining our failures in depth is… … Continue reading

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"Cultural Defenses," Crime, and Mistakes of Fact

(Eugene Volokh) In light of the discussion on the cultural defense / de minimis statute thread, it might be helpful to think of another area where culture is relevant under existing law: mistakes of fact. Consider an example. Theft is … Continue reading

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AARP Reports That Fatal Medical Mistakes Kill 98,000 People Each Year

In its April 2006 issue, the AARP reports that at least 98,000 Americans die and millions more are injured as a result of medical errors. As an example, a new study by the Duke Clinical Research Institute found that inappropriate… … Continue reading

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