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Pentagon Ready for End of Gay Military Ban

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) is finally going away. At one minute after midnight, the military will no longer ban gays from openly serving. It has been a long time coming but they day has finally arrived. "No one should … Continue reading

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When Is A Privately Owned Aircraft Operated By The Military A "Public Aircraft"?

The answer to this question is governed by 49 U.S.C. 40125 and, according to a recent FAA Legal Interpretation, is determined on a "flight by flight" basis based on a number of factors. Section 40125(c) sets the operation-specific criteria for … Continue reading

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Our Military Is Protected from Foreclosure under The Servicemen Act (SCRA)

We have been approached by few military families whose home were foreclosed while the owner were performing military services overseas. This is very painful, but unfortunately, it has been done and the homes were foreclosed in clear violation of the … Continue reading

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Division of Military Pensions in Divorce Judgments

Megee v Carmine, a Michigan Court of Appeals decision, dealt with the consequences of the husband's post-divorce waiver of retirement pay in favor of collecting combat-related special compensation (CRSC). The court of appeals held that Megee had to pay Carmine … Continue reading

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IA – Bill would establish military sexual predator database

Original Article Yet one more law humanized by naming it after someone. And also, why do we need another registry, why not use the existing database, or place all criminals on one massive database? 08/02/2011 By Rekha Basu Three years … Continue reading

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