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Weyerhauser is Less Important than You Might Think

On Monday, the United States Supreme Court will hear argument in Weyerhauser v. United States, a case involving the critical habitat designation for the dusty gopher frog. In some quarters, the case has been billed as a potential blockbuster, and… … Continue reading

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Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy Might Not Actually Benefit from Botox Injections Prior to Physiotherapy

Doctors often prescribe botulinum toxin A (botox) injections to patients with cerebral palsy who are ambulatory (able to walk), in order to reduce spasticity. Generally, botox injections are given as part of a combined treatment plan also involving other interventions. … Continue reading

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Marshall’s Method and Why It Might Matter

Jeremy TelmanThe version of originalism popularized in the 1980s viewed itself as a reform movement, responding to the perceived excesses of the Warren and Burger Courts.  It made few claims regarding originalism’s historical pedigree.  Justice Scalia memorably articulated the position … Continue reading

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How Facebook might make MRIs faster

CNNTech: Facebook’s artificial intelligence lab is working with New York University’s medical school to make MRI exams 10 times faster, which, if successful, would allow radiologists to complete a test in minutes. “Doctors use MRI — shorthand for magnetic resonance … Continue reading

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Second Circuit Says Multi-State Consumer Class Actions Might Not Be All-Natural

Consumer class actions predicated on state laws alleging deceptive claims are one of the scourges of modern marketing. In a recent decision, the Second Circuit laid out some important guidance on whether and how putative class actions based on laws … Continue reading

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