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Regional Focus: Middle East

Assessing Vulnerabilities in Palestinian Gatherings in Lebanon: Results of the 2017 Household Survey (UNDP, Sept. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]Dignity and Displaced Syrians in Lebanon (ODI, Nov. 2018) [text]"A Human Rights Based Approach to Refugees: A Look at the Syrian Refugee … Continue reading

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Major Causes for Middle Market M&A Deal Failure

A poorly worded or structured letter of intent (LOI) is one of the main reasons M&A deals blow up. This is often the case when people try to either navigate this process without an advisor or save money. As with … Continue reading

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Drumbeat for More Middle East Chaos

The Ahvaz National Resistance took responsibility for an attack on a crowd watching a parade in southwest Iran over the weekend. National Security Advisor John Bolton had urged that the U.S. assist and encourage that very group. So, when Iranian … Continue reading

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American middle class is stable in size, but losing ground financially to upper-income families

Pew: “About half (52%) of American adults lived in middle-class households in 2016. This is virtually unchanged from the 51% who were middle class in 2011. But while the size of the nation’s middle class remained relatively stable, financial gains … Continue reading

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CRYPTO 2018: “Middle Ground” Proposals for a Going-Dark Fix

On August 19, the CRYPTO 2018 conference on cryptographic research hosted a one-day workshop in Santa Barbara called “Encryption and Surveillance.” The goal of the workshop was to “examine how encryption and related technologies pose both challenges and opportunities for … Continue reading

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