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California Physician Sentenced in Sacramento Federal Court to over 4 Years in Prison for Prescribing Methadone and Pain Medications Without Proper Documented Medical Exams

One of the issues with physicians and former physicians is that the government can file charges years after the treatment. This is happening with those who prescribed pain medications years ago to patients. A recent case relates to patients from … Continue reading

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Methadone Overdose a Common Type of Medication Error

Our Illinois medical malpractice attorneys know that literally millions of patients are victims of medication errors across the nation each year. From minor problems to deadly overdoses, our medication error lawyers have worked with many of these victims. It should … Continue reading

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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed After Methadone Overdose

About Lawsuits published a story this week on a new medical malpractice lawsuit that has been filed against a hospital and three doctors following the death of one of their former patients. The suit was initiated by the wife of … Continue reading

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