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A Fine Mess

A town court justice has entered into a stipulation and resigned her office in a determination of the New York Commission on Judicial Conduct. AHAM reported on charges Manchester Town judge who ordered people to pay up for traffic and… … Continue reading

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New on LLRX – The Practice Of Law, Theory, And Our Mess

Via LLRX.com – The Practice Of Law, Theory, And Our Mess – Ken Grady discusses how the lack of a theory supporting the delivery of legal services has contributed to “a mess” in respect to the goal of achieving organizational … Continue reading

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New -Cleaning UP the Asbestos Litigation Mess: A Role for the Department of Justice? …..Top 5 Trusts to Investigate!

Have you seen the new Forbes Article – Cleaning UP the Asbestos Litigation Mess: A Role for the Department of Justice? ….. https://www.forbes.com/sites/wlf/2018/04/02/cleaning-up-the-asbestos-litigation-mess-a-role-for-the-department-of-justice/3/#7babaaf343d9 This is too good to be true! As these corrupt Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries have fraudulently attempted to … Continue reading

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Commentary – How the FTC Could Have Prevented the Facebook Mess

Techonomy Exclusive – Marc Rotenberg: “Here comes an understatement: Facebook’s failure to protect user data was well known before the company suspended dealings with Cambridge Analytica last week. What is not well known is that the transfer of 50 million … Continue reading

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A Primer on the Subprime Mess

In cartoon form (click through to the power point – be warned that the investment bankers speak in the language they use in real life, which is high on four-letter content). UPDATE: It is also available here (click on the… … Continue reading

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