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Addiction & Mental Health Resources in British Columbia

Mental illness can feel isolating. However, the experience is much more common than many Canadians realize. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, approximately 20 percent of the population will have a mental health problem in any given year, while … Continue reading

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Mental Health Issues and Divorce in California

With millions of Americans struggling with mental health issues, it is no surprise that these problems impact the health and viability of many a marriage. If divorce is in your future and mental health issues are a factor, having an … Continue reading

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Appeal Court Says Divorce Based on Mental Cruelty is Stigmatizing

This week the Ontario Court of Appeal considered a divorce appeal where a judge in a pretrial conference granted a divorce based on each spouses’ allegations of mental cruelty against the other. In Baraz v. Vorobyev, 2019 ONCA 90 the … Continue reading

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The Role of Managed Mental Health Disorders in Family Court

When a separated couple is addressing a child custody dispute, and one of the parents has a mental illness, it is not uncommon for the other parent to try to use the mental disorder as a “trump card.”  The underlying … Continue reading

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"Marijuana needs warning labels like tobacco for associated mental, physical health risks"

The title of this post is the headline of this recent commentary in USA Today authored by DJ Jaffe, who is the executive director of Mental Illness Policy Org. Here is an excerpt: Before legislators legalize marijuana, they should require … Continue reading

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