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My Step by Step Analysis of a Mental Health Disability Claim

Recently a young man wrote me to ask my opinion about whether he qualifies for some form of Social Security disability. In his very thoughtful email he asks a number of questions that I suspect a lot of folks are … Continue reading

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Help CoLAP end the stigma of seeking mental health help in the legal profession

Stigma, shame and fear. These obstacles frequently play a major role in an individual’s decision not to seek help when suffering from mental health and substance use disorders. Too often, lawyers, judges, and law students find themselves wrestling privately with … Continue reading

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Why the character and fitness requirement shouldn’t prevent law students from seeking mental health treatment

Law school is stressful. While some aspects of law school are unavoidably stressful because they are meant to simulate law practice and to prepare students for the stresses of a modern legal career, other aspects of law school may be … Continue reading

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New Law Requires Mental Health Education in All Grades in New York Schools

New York students returning to school this fall will find to a new health curriculum that places an increased emphasis on mental health issues. Heightened attention to students’ mental health is required by state education law changes, effective July 1, … Continue reading

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This Summer, The Harman Firm Blogs About Mental Health Issues in the Work Place

by Owen H. Laird This Summer, The Harman Firm Blog is running a series of articles on mental health in the American workplace.  Millions of Americans suffer from a wide range of mental health issues, be they diagnosed or undiagnosed, … Continue reading

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