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NHS Reports Medical Negligence Compensation Skyrockets

Recent reports have shown that the NHS accounts for medical negligence compensation have sky-rocketed over the last year. The medical negligence bill has hit a new high of £1 billion in litigation claims for a 12-month period. Recently published figures reveal … Continue reading

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Woman Secures £35k in Clinical Negligence Claim

A woman has won her clinical negligence claim after she was released from a local hospital just eight hours after being admitted with a broken pelvis. The negligence claim was initiated at London’s High Court where the Judge ruled that she … Continue reading

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Shock at the World Of Personal injury Litigation

Reforming the personal injury business is some thing that the Justice Secretary, Jack Straw has hasn’t approved to do. The private injury business is constantly increasing and therefore more and more personal injury management companies have started to appear on … Continue reading

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Brain Injury Initiative For Cadets

Surveys show that as multiple as 1 in 6 soldiers that Return from war have reported symptoms of post-traumatic worry issues and traumatic brain injury.It has been announced that since 2000, a lot more than 44,000 have moderate rate of … Continue reading

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The Recognition of Accident Compensation

It is true beyond a doubt that the personal injury claims have escalated considerably in the recent years. simply because of those media coverage along with other success stories that are published, more and a lot more claimants appear to … Continue reading

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