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Elder mediation training at William Mitchell–June 13-14

Senior Mediation and Decision-Making: Training for Mediators, Elder Law Attorneys, and Other Aging Service Professionals A Two Day (14 hour) Elder Mediation Program William Mitchell College of Law St. Paul, MN June 13-14, 2008 Hosted by the Center for Elder… … Continue reading

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A Policyholder Perspective on the Unique Challenges of a Three-Way Mediation

I recently participated in a negotiation with an insurer who had denied coverage for an underlying errors and omissions claim in the mid-seven figures. The insurer’s counsel and I exchanged stern letters, each explaining why our respective client’s position was … Continue reading

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Most Read Sanns Mediation Blog Posts of 2017

Here are the ten most-read posts on the blog in 2017: Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis Engaged…Is there a Prenup? Does Cohabitation End or Suspend Alimony? Does Living Together Count in Length of Marriage? along with the answer in Does Living Together … Continue reading

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Is Divorce Mediation Right For You?

These days, couples can get divorced through various ways. Some of these ways are litigation, collaborative or mediation. But how do you conclude what is the right method for you? Divorce mediation is a method of procuring a divorce when … Continue reading

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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation vs. Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is another way to settle disputes that do not require litigation. Arbitration and Mediation are two types ADR. Arbitration is the process for resolving disputes outside of a court using neutral third parties. The … Continue reading

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