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Pros and Cons of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is an alternative to battling out your divorce agreements through the court system. This is a good choice for those who find that they can talk their divorce through in a peaceful and non-argumentative manner. Couples who decide … Continue reading

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Charlie Gard Law Introduced in Parliament – UK May Mandate Clinical Ethics Committees & Medical Mediation

This week, Lord Mackay introduced an amendment to the Mental Capacity Act bill that would mandate NHS entities to have access to both "clinical ethics committees" and formal "medical mediation." The law is based on a proposal drafted in memory … Continue reading

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What Do We Owe Each Other? Mediation Is A Self-Selecting Process.

Couples that select mediation are often looking for 3 things: 1) fairness, 2) to make their own decisions, and 3) a more economical way to reach resolution of their marital and family situation.  Fairness:  Even in a high-conflict situation, most … Continue reading

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Help Your Client Be More Comfortable With Mediation

The purpose of this post is to give attorneys a template that can be provided to their clients prior to mediation, to make the client more comfortable during mediation and let them know what to expect.    The attorney will … Continue reading

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Book review- Mediation: Creating Value in International Intellectual Property Disputes

Readers will no doubt agree that IP disputes can be highly complex, often involving teams of experts to keep a close eye on the vast range of legal, procedural, and jurisdictional issues, requiring considerable resources and costs. So, it’s no … Continue reading

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